Yamaha CV50 Maintenance Schedule

The "Periodic Maintenance / Lubrication Intervals" schedule is taken directly from the 1984 edition Yamaha CV50L factory service manual. Before starting any work, always consult the manual for your scooter's model & year and be sure you know what you're doing.

CV50 Periodic Maintenance / Lubrication Intervals




300 mi (500 km)
1 month
Thereafter every
2,000 mi (3,000 km)
12 months
Thereafter every
4,000 mi (6,000 km)
Spark Plug Inspect/clean or replace as required. NGK BP6HS .024" - .028" gap X X X
Air filter* Clean and replace if necessary.


Carburetor* Check operation. Clean/refit/adjust - X   X
Brake system* Adjust free play. Replace shoes if needed EBC503 X X  
Autolube pump* Check. Adjust and bleed air as needed. - X   X
Wheels & tires* Front 14 psi, Rear 22 (36 max) psi 3.50 or 110/90 x 10   X X
Rear shock absorber* Check operation and looks for oil leaks. Repair as required. -   X X
Battery* Check specific gravity and breather pipe. Top with distilled water.  6YB8L-B   X X
Lights/signals Check operation. Replace bulbs as required. - X X X
Fittings/fasteners* Check and tighten when needed. -


V-Belt* Check cracks and wear. Replace if
necessary. Replace
every 12,000 mi (18,000 km)
-     X
Transmission oil* Replace every 8,000 mi (12,000 km) or 24 months. 180cc (6 oz) SAE 10W30 type SE motor oil Replace Check


Steering bearings* Inspect thoroughly. Repack moderately every 8,000 mi (12,000 km). Medium weight wheel bearing grease




Wheel bearings* Check bearings for smooth rotation. Replace when required. Medium weight wheel bearing grease   X X
* Yamaha recommends that these tasks be performed by an authorized shop.