Scooters for sale

Let me first say that I don't have as much time as I would like to work on these scoots. I work full time and I'm involved in quite a few other activities. As you can see, some of these scoots are not yet ready - they need tuneup's, cleanup, painting, etc. Some might end up as parts bikes. So... it takes me a while to get one ready for sale. I'll post pics when they are ready to sell.

I live in Los Gatos, CA and the prices include free deliver anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area (such a deal!). I'm certainly willing to sell them as-is, but the prices will not be significantly less than when they are fixed up and running. Some of them have missing paperwork, and owe back registration fees for California. Of course this isn't a problem if you're taking it out of state. At this point I'm not willing to crate these scooters up and ship them. The cost is at least $200 and it's too much trouble... and if you have not first seen the scoot you cannot be sure what you are getting.

I done`t have anything near completion right now. I'll post more info when I have something ready.