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Maintenance Schedules
     NX50 Express 50s
     NC50 Express/NA50 Express II 50
     NU50 Urban Express 50
     Elite 50
     Spree 50
     Elite 80
     Aero 80
     Aero 125
     Elite 125/150
     Elite 250/Helix
     QT50 Yamahopper/MJ50J Towny/LC50 Champ
     CA50 Riva
     CV50 Riva
     CW50 Zuma
     SH50 Razz
     CG50 / CE50 Jog
     LB50P Chappy
     LB80 Chappy
     CV80 Riva
     XC125 Riva 125
     XC180 Riva 180
     XC200 Riva 200
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